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  My name is Robert Rowley I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  My parents Dr. Donald A. Rowley ( an immunologist) and Dr. Janet D. Rowley (a cytogeneticist)are both professors at the University of Chicago.  I also have two brothers David B Rowley a geophysicist at the University of Chicago and Roger Rowley director of the University of Idaho’s art gallery.

   In July 1998 I was arrested for the cultivation of marijuana.  I did not think it was a big deal until my attorney informed me the charges carried a sentence of 6-45 years.  In the state of Virginia manufacturing marijuana carries a harsher sentence than murder.  I have always thought someone needed to do something about the marijuana laws in the United States well now that someone is me.  Two days after my arrest the concept of “Shirts With A Purpose” was born.  I would sell shirts that advocate a change in the current marijuana laws and give a portion of the proceeds to the legalization of marijuana.  I soon realized this idea had universal appeal I could raise money for other causes as well using the concept of compassionate capitalism.  So “Buy A Shirt And Change The World”.      




  Shirts With A Purpose is a business dedicated to changing the world through the sale of T-shirts.  You buy a shirt and we give money toward the cause that your shirt supports.  A minimum of one dollar per shirt goes to the cause at hand.  The idea is to raise money and awareness for the groups that promote the change we are advocating.  Our primary cause is the complete legalization of marijuana.  The  more shirts we sell the more money we raise and we are dedicated to using the highest quality materials available.  At this time we have three major causes we support marijuana reform, progressive politics, and predator re-introduction.  In the future we will be promoting many more causes.  “Buy A Shirt And Change The World”.

Thank You Robert Rowley

Owner: Shirts With A Purpose

Shirts With A Purpose